Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Do You Think?

So, this is a new feature I am thinking of trying out. Kind of a rip off of Bill Simmons ramblings and Peter Kings 10 things...Except I am forming them into a question, like some bastard version of Jeopardy minus Money, contestants and 1 sweet moustache. I am looking for your feedback as well, hence the questions. It will be 99.9% football related and .1% Sports/culture related. If it sucks, I'll stop after this one, if not, i'll probably still stop...somebody's gotta come up with something for the site eh?

Do You Think the Fiesta Bowl was the greatest football game ever played?

I mean, my god, there were more "this f'ing game is OVER" moments in the last 10 minutes than in all the other bowl games combined. Boise has it with 2:30 left, it's OVER. Oklahoma accidentally burns it's last time out while play is stopped now it's reeeeeally OVER. Oklahoma goes in for a TD in like a minute 28-26...2 pointer incomplete! it's OVER! no, penalty, re-play the down, CAUGHT! TIE GAME! another penalty! on Oklahoma! they can't bounce back, it's OVER.
re-play the down, ball is tipped! it's OV--caught! good conversion tie game. Zabransky throws a KILLER INT pick 6, Oklahoma leads it's OVER! Boise isn't going away, but down to just :07 pass to the middle of the field, ugh, it's...HOOK AND LADDER!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! Tie game. Peterson takes the first play of OT 25 yards for the score, now it's gotta be OVER! Boise St 4th and 2, QB goes in motion!? what? WR throws to the back of the end zone....OH MY GOD! SCORE! wait, this can't be, Boise, coming out to go for 2, all or nothing, STATUE OF LIBERTY!!!!! IT'S GOOD!! BOISE ST WINS!!!

I mean, seriously, I can't believe what I have just witnessed. I dare anyone to come up with a better game ever, Stanford Band, Immaculate Reception, Music City Miracle. See, the difference is that this had the crazy ending x50, it was also a battle for the other 58 minutes, just a great, great, great game.


Do You Think the Steelers OT win in Cincy was the best meaningless game in team history?

Sonny posed that quiery to me Sunday, good question. a better question is so what? It was nice to end Cincinatti's season again, my god, I hate Carson Palmer.

Do You Think Bill Cowher is done?

This is going to be beat to death in the next day or 2, so sorry, but it seems relevant for our site and all.

Do You Think Oklahoma's Cheerleaders would have a group thing with me?

nah...me either.

Do You Think The Bears are going down in the first round?

I do. look at it right now. the Giants finished 8-8, were awful all year, they are currently the lowest seed, I don't think they are even touching Philly, but my point is this: the G-Men had the Bears down and out on that Sunday night game until the inexplicable 3rd and 22 draw play first down for Thomas Jones, then it was curtains. If a team can get a 7 -10 point lead and then just kick away from Devin Hester and just run the ball 2-3 times every set of downs consistently, which, obviously is not that easy, there's no way Grossman, Griese, Wade Wilson or Kordell Stewart are bringing them back...We live in Pittsburgh, we all know when a QB just doesn't look right going into the postseason. Not Good Times in Chicago...and you know what? the fans know it too.

Do You Think the Chiefs can down the Colts? if so, Do You Think Peyton Manning will ever even sniff the Super Bowl?

I feel one of those opening take the wind out of the whole place drives coming, where LJ carries 8-10 times, they throw 5-8 yard outs to the WR's maybe work in the TE's and pound one in. They go up 7-0, it's over. does that sound a bit over the top? try me. Peyton Manning will be playing tighter than, as Borat would say, "A Man's A-nus" The most important thing in this game is who wins the coin toss. mark my words.

Do You Think Marty Schottenhiemer can blow the Chargers chances at a Championship?

I don't think Marty Schottenhiemer, Marty Morningweg and Marty Jannety combined can screw this up. The Chargers are that good.

Do You Think Dick Clark made it to zero yet?

ok, that was bad. I felt really bad for Dick, but I assume he wanted to be up there, seeing him like that made me want to cry, then I go and make a tasteless joke. I'm #1, I really am.

Do You Think Jeff Garcia is gay?

Just throwing it out there. David Cross has a great stand up bit about that voice, i'll try and find the transcript or something. Not that it matters or anything...hey, I followed a Stroke joke with another stroke joke.

Do You Think I should cut my losses and end this?

yeah, me too.

Happy New Year!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boise St./OU is definitely the greatest college football game of all time. It's like the football version of Duke/Kentucky. I'm still excited and I don't even care about either team. There were so many amazing up and down, holy shit, did I just see that moments. ESPN Classic should put this game on a continuous loop for at least a week. Now, can you imagine if that was to move on in the national championship tournament??? Me either.

Oh, Dunn. Yes, I think you have a shot at the OU cheer chicks. They're very demoralized right now...

matty hu

6:37 PM  

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